Committees & Organisers


Honorary Committee


  • András Báldi, MTA (Hungary)
  • László Borhy, ELTE (Hungary)
  • Ferenc Fülöp, MTA (Hungary)
  • Paolo Maria Mancarella, UNIPI (Italy)
  • Vito Felice Uricchio, CNR (Italy)


Scientific Committee

  • Anna Barra Caracciolo, CNR (Italy)
  • Paola Bottoni, ISS (Italy)
  • Sergio Caroli, SSFA (Italy)
  • Fabio Di Francesco (Italy)
  • Attila Engloner, MTA (Hungary)
  • Roger Fuoco, UNIPI (Italy)
  • Paola Grenni, CNR (Italy)
  • Csaba Szántay, MTA (Hungary)
  • Viktor Gábor Mihucz, ELTE (Hungary)
  • Immacolata Pannone, MAECI (Italy)
  • Gyula Záray, MTA-ELTE (Hungary)

Organising Committee

  • Paola Bottoni, ISS (Italy)
  • Viktor Gábor Mihucz, ELTE (Hungary)

Organised by

Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR), (Italy)
Centre for Ecological Research, Hungarian Academy of Science (MTA), (Hungary)
Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS), (Italy)
Italian Society of Pharmaceutical Medicine (SIMeF), (Italy)
EötvösLoránd University (ELTE), (Hungary)
University of Pisa (UNIPI), (Italy)
Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC)
Hungarian Chemical Society (Hungary)

In cooperation with

Committee of Environmental and Analytical Chemistry of MTA

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