General Information

Venue & date

35th International Conference on Solution Chemistry will be held in Hunguest Hotel Forrás**** superior in Szeged (6726 Szeged, Szent-Györgyi Albert u. 16-24.), Hungary at August 26-30, 2018.

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Conference Language

The official language of the Conference is English.

Szeged, the host city

Szeged, the third largest city in Hungary, is situated at the southern border, close to the place where river Tisza leaves the country. The river divides the city into two parts. The one called "new" Szeged is a residential area, while the "old" part holds the administrative centres of the city and the region as well as the majority of the university buildings. These buildings are not in a separate campus at the edge of the city, but spread in and near the centre making the whole city a campus. The number of inhabitants is 170,000.

In spite of the relatively large number of people living in the city, it is quite compact. Even though it has a well-developed colourful public transportation system (trams, buses, and trolley buses in many lines) the city may be crossed within half an hour even on foot. The main profile of the city is serving the university. It is not very surprising that many cinemas, a full theatre (having drama, opera as well as ballet sections), large open air theatre operating in summer, a rich museum, many restaurants, bars, clubs and cafes are found in the city. There are many festivals organized both during the semesters as well as in summer. The very pleasant Mediterranean climate largely favours open-air events.

Szeged is an easily accessible city. Although those who are coming by plane should land in Budapest (the capital of Hungary), however, there is train station at terminal 1 to be reached by frequent local bus (200E) from terminal 2, where trains to Szeged can be caught in every hour. Alternatively, car may be rented at the airport and M5 motorway leads to Szeged. This motorway may be used for those who are coming by car from the west, north and south, while the M43 motorway may be the choice for those coming from the east. For those loving buses frequent coach services may be offered starting from Budapest.

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