Welcome to PERMEA 2019!

It is a honor for us to invite you to the International Scientific Conference PERMEA 2019, the Membrane Science and Technology Conference of Visegrád Countries, in Budapest organized by the Hungarian Chemical Society.

The PERMEA international membrane meetings initiated by membranologists from the Visegrád countries (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia) have gained an international reputation and become one of the creative conferences in the fields of preparation and production of membranes, assessment of their separation properties, utilization of membranes for various separation problems, and introduction of new technological procedures to protect the environment. This meeting,PERMEA 2019 brings together experts from the areas of research and application and offers many opportunities to exchange experience, create new ideas, mainly thanks to the presence of young colleagues and students. Moreover , the conference presents connection between industrial and academic spheres, establishes a platform where industry meets science.

PERMEA 2019 offers opportunity for exhibition and presentation of industrial and innovative companies in the field of membrane processes.

Organizers increase attention to the integrated membrane processes with high potential for industrial applications.

Our vision is to provide a sufficient space for presentation of research work performed by students and young researchers – Student Award.

We look forward to receiving your contributions at PERMEA 2019 and meeting you in Budapest.


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